Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bearing Good News

In case you, like me, received insanely shitty news today.... I recommend the new Grizzly Bear CD.

It can make you forget about the fact that you don't have equal rights, subdue the rising paranoia of your pointlessness and calm the soul on cold, summer nights like these. 

Put the lime in the coconut, folks. Drink 'em both up!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Body, The Hand Grenade

Comfortable living aside, I am a mess waiting to blossom. 

We have been getting a lot of work done on the condo, but at the rate the earthquakes are coming.... Methinks the end is near. I blame my mother, who always seemed to take the "latter-day" part of sainthood a little too seriously. Apocalyptic nightmares are second nature to me now. Though I really need to stock up on drinkable water, just in case.

Also, after recovering from my first and quite severe sunburn of the season, I have had many minor body issues to freak out about. For instance, I am fairly sure that red wine has become a vital fluid that I may not be able to live long without.  I get these really really nasty canker sores every time I have a job.... As the shoot date approaches, my mouth breaks out into a minefield of pain and fades away as the job subsides. Weird stress related shit, right? How about the pain under my right arm or the monster knots residing in my back? I really need a spa weekend. I need a reset button. I cannot believe that I am getting braces even though I am rapidly approaching my forties. It doesn't get uglier than this, Betty.

In pop culture news, I am thrilled that many television shows have released their death grip on me by having season finales. LOST is my favorite and its sort of sad that there is only one more year of it. Adam Lambert was robbed on AI. I felt really bad for him and I still haven't figured out why.... I am currently loving SPORE Origins on my iPhone and hating John and Kate and their stupid reality show/tabloid dumbass lives.... Go the fuck away already!

If the world doesn't end, you can bet I will still be here in beautiful sunny California, complaining like an old woman about something that ails me.... After all, cats and raccoons can get a bit boring.... After too long a time, I mean.

Loving you,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty and the Beasts

I have a couple of things I'd like to get off my chest. Try as I may, I can't find the appropriate fake tit segueway into the Miss California debacle.

First of all, I'm listening to her mother talk about the "persecution" of her daughter by the media, the internet and the gays for her BELIEFS! Excuse me, but her answer was horrible. Not just in content, but in the actual delivery of it. She stumbled over her own words, said things like "I think I believe that...." and "in my country..." She made a damn fool of herself and for her STUPIDITY, not her beliefs, she is being lambasted by the media and the gays... Plus, she proved herself to be an ugly person. Ugly doesn't win pageants or friends. Personally, I think her behavior since the pageant has proven that she is above all a sore loser. Clearly, celebrity is her main goal here. It's tacky to claim you lost a crown because you are too religious or conservative or whatever and then have nude pictures of yourself pop up on the internet. I hope she resigns. I hope Donald Trump says "You're Fired!" 

Tacky Carrie Prejean just wants her 15 minutes. 
Tick tock tick tock tick tock!

The whole gay marriage civil rights thing has everybody all freaked out in dumb ways. I actually heard Marie Osmond comment that civil rights should be equal for everybody. Is it possible that Marie, being the mother of a lesbian, could change other Mormon minds? I doubt it... But I agree that we need to keep religion out of it. Also, we need to stop saying dumb things like "Gay is the new Black!" Black is black and white is white. Then there's that whole gay area in between.... Gay is the new Gay! We need to fight our own fight and not belittle the struggle for civil rights that Carrie Prejean and Marion Barry fought for themselves.

Here is my real question today, kids: Got Milk?