Saturday, January 20, 2007

Signs O' The Times

These are truly interesting times we live in.

For instance, we have Hilary and Barack announcing their White House intentions. (I'm on Team Clinton.) And let's not forget the fact that Sundance is happening.... Although, frankly, I have no interest in seeing Dakota Fanning raped or a documentary about a man fucked to death by a horse. Instead, I plan to attend the Grindhouse and watch some fabulous old Jack Hill movies and maybe meet some people who think, like I do, that maybe the past wasn't all that bad.

On a personal note, I feel like a psychic weight has been lifted. Hopefully I will be able to rechannel my energies into creative and entertaining projects for a change. I am so sick of performing miracles and being a beacon of light and power... I got wounded in the fray but I am better now.

If you want to be "in the know" regarding the new season of American Idol, I highly reccommend going HERE to get the best A.I. coverage available on the planet...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Spiritual Longing & Creative Rage

Those are the factors that led me to adopt this hairstyle:

This is Chase Newhart as "Crabs" in the only film he ever acted in: Switchblade Sisters. You have to see this movie, if you haven't already, because it's the cat's ass! Directed by genius Jack Hill...but I digress. The stylist I went to, Josie, didn't exactly "get" what I was going for... In a couple of months it will be perfect. Pussycat Dolls may not always know what you are talking about, but they sure look cute listening. I said: "Don't be afraid. My physiognomy can handle the disparity." Needless to say, she went a little crazy with the scissors. But I am not my hair, merely the idea of my hair.

I work and I fail and do it all again. I lose my mind, only to find that I am still right here, where I left me.

Hey! Doesn't anybody want to get lost anymore?

I know I do. Maybe in something blue, like the eyes of Chase Newhart...
I always fall in love with villains.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Now It's Dark

But that's all gonna change, kids...

The winds are blowin' and the future is so bright, dare I say it? I wear my sunglasses at night. I'm in LA and I am pretentious and fucking adorable. Sue me...

Here's the thing: It's a new year and has been for about a week. When are people gonna stop wishing me a HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR? Yeah, it's all gonna be great. I know, I know... So just shut the fuck up already!

Seriously, I wish you all the best. But for now... I can't think past the fact that I have to pee. So... Happy New Year and all that. I love you and hope you love me...

Eat my fuck,
Saviour Onassis