Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Spiritual Longing & Creative Rage

Those are the factors that led me to adopt this hairstyle:

This is Chase Newhart as "Crabs" in the only film he ever acted in: Switchblade Sisters. You have to see this movie, if you haven't already, because it's the cat's ass! Directed by genius Jack Hill...but I digress. The stylist I went to, Josie, didn't exactly "get" what I was going for... In a couple of months it will be perfect. Pussycat Dolls may not always know what you are talking about, but they sure look cute listening. I said: "Don't be afraid. My physiognomy can handle the disparity." Needless to say, she went a little crazy with the scissors. But I am not my hair, merely the idea of my hair.

I work and I fail and do it all again. I lose my mind, only to find that I am still right here, where I left me.

Hey! Doesn't anybody want to get lost anymore?

I know I do. Maybe in something blue, like the eyes of Chase Newhart...
I always fall in love with villains.


Tumuli said...

Very au courant, even if snipped more closely than you would have liked!

Villains offer the best love: cruel but overwhelming.

Dale said...

Just don't adopt the rest of the look. Adopt a cat instead.

Saviour Onassis said...

I won't be adopting anything again for a very long time... My parenting skills have been corrupted.

And Tumuli, Yes... It is overwhelming.