Saturday, October 22, 2005

Last Night I Dreamt...

I was in an old red brick building. It was a school of some kind and I knew that I loved the library. I had the impression that this building had once been a grand hotel, like the Ambassador. It was full of people, busily going about their business. I wandered around until I finally found a bathroom. (I had to pee real bad... Not great in the dream state.) As I relieved myself, the floor went out from under my feet, or rather...I was thrown. Instantly, I knew it was an earthquake. The tremors came again and again, very strong. What do I do? I thought as I felt the building collapsing around me. My body flew around the room. I quickly settled on the decision that: This was not me. And then I was outside, a survivor of what seemed to be, the destruction of a single building. All around, the city was still intact.

It looked as if the ground had decided to swallow this structure, whole. Where it had stood, seven stories into the sky, now completely flat. I knew that there were many people still inside and watched as other survivors scrambled to rescue them. But they couldn't find anyone. I walked to where the entrance had been and removed a piece of rubble. I had uncovered a large hole, leading down into what had been the lobby. I called out, my voice echo through the cavernous opening and I heard movement below. I called again, "This way!"

Somehow, my voice acted as a beacon. From the ruins, survivors came...along with the dead. Zombies filed out the building effortlessly. They looked shaken and in shock, and they were definitely dead. I could tell because they were blue and looked like zombies I had seen in movies. The living survivors needed a lot more help. They were crying and distressed. I helped them out, never fearing the zombies, just knowing that they posed no threat.

I got the feeling that something of mine was buried in there. Something that would not make it out. I don't know what it was, but I am sure that I no longer need it.

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