Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random Thoughts

Leafing through what I suppose could be called my "journal," I came across a few random things that I feel compelled to share. Mostly I keep this book (and several others) around in case inspiration should strike. Though it seems that I am struck by things (other than inspiration) quite often.

33 kinds of tenacity and not a wordsmith in town.

The Selfish will perish alone.

It's not fair to you to believe what you say.

Jesus should have started a band.

Must Suck Honey from Rock!

Sometimes I wonder if reasons are worth the breath they take.

Rock and Roll should have a little danger to it...swagger...menace...

Boom! said the dust on the back of her eyes.

Blood is for God alone.

Best known for his work in "erotica of the traumatic."

I built a city from the gold in their teeth.

You want everything to sound like an exorcism and that's your problem!

"Cancel the tour, Carl. I have to have an abortion."

Never feed Elizabeth Taylor cow brains. She'll just faint.

I can't believe lying is still considered a sin.

Then there was this exchange between JR and myself, upon returning from a fast food chain where we were helped by a heavy-set, hairy girl with a severly Siberian vibe:

JR: She's really Russian!

ME: But she doesn't get there any faster.

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