Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rumour #2

"I desperately want to write a chorus with one chord that repeats twelve times and then scream: Somebody Loves Me, but it just doesn't ring true."

That's what I told the elder tribesmen during my interrogation in the Great Hall of HuManity. I think it went well. But Jim disagreed.

You have to find that somebody.

I can't, it's too hard.

So you've given up?

I suppose.

Name your poison.


Just do it!

Chocolate soda.

So be it. Are you an enigma or an anomaly?

I'm precious.

The thought police are onto me, so I'm sending mixed signals. Read between the lines. Reach for the chaos, but never lose control. Our dreams are sacred, as is the manic roar of our hearts.

Confused? Don't be.

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