Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008: A Pictorial Review

Because I can't be bothered to try and remember what happened... It seems like I was just in Chicago celebrating the end of 2007. Time flies.

Here are some of the highlights of my year:

Dodger Stadium for the Madonna concert:

Mexico Vacation

Prop 8 Protest Downtown Los Angeles:

I have no idea what this is:

My impression of a 60's Daddy in a cheap motel:

Scrambling in Joshua Tree National Park:

View at the Grand Canyon, Arizona: 

Catalina Island, California:

Niagara Falls!

Happy New Year from Saviour Onassis!

I will even go so far as to make a "blog more" resolution!


Jason Ray said...

the picture of you with the bandana makes you look like anthony curtis... from red hot chili peppers... hot

Dale said...

Wow, you get around! Happy New Year Saviour!

Holly said...

I really like the 60s daddy look.

I had a moment where I started to imagine you as my 60s daddy, but it felt creepy, so I stopped.