Monday, January 19, 2009


If I ever see your face again.... 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Facebook is like a whole new hell.  Not that I am opposed to reconnecting with my past, it's just that sometimes I am emotionally unprepared to do so. Lots of memories have been stirred up in me lately and I just can't find an appropriate outlet. I thought and thought and came upon this: blog about it. Perfectly natural for me, right? Then I looked at the measly number of entries last year. No one is listening, my friends. And it's all my fault, really...

You see, Dale, I have been trying to find a way to integrate all the different factions of my life. It is not an easy process. I've fallen in love with Tara. So, I see the need for my compartmentalization. Last time I really let group A and group B mingle with C, D and the godforsaken F... Well, let's just say that there was blood. Again, here I am trying to make an effort. Who knows, maybe I will be successful this time?

I'm excited about the future.

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Dale said...

Until I see your version of Muriel/Mariel, I'll never believe you as Tara, Mr. O.

Not to worry, I've spent most of my life compartmentalizing everything about me. Not that much blood though, what am I doing wrong?