Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Infinite Nature

So this is a place for me to put my shit out there in the universe and manifest my own reality and that, my friends, is precisely what I intend to do. I had recently bought a new journal and had only one entry in it when it occurred to me (via my fabulous friend Holly) that journals are so passe. She has this great blog and uses it in bewitching ways. I would put a link to it but I haven't learned how...yet. All in good, sweet time. The point is, I envied her blogging skills and grew to hate my new journal with all its empty pages, mocking me. Then after a recent conversation about how talent lends itself to learning new skills, I resolved to blog my way out of oblivion and set the Dude straight about a few things.

The Dude does not refer to Jeff Bridges character in "The Big Lebowski" (though I am fond of the film) but instead to the Universal Oneness that is Everything. My friend Chris coined the term "the Dude" as a quick and easy way to reference this all encompassing power without sounding too pretentious. I haven't quite co-opted it into my own vocabulary yet, as I have a problem with the singularly male connotations of "Dude." But I think it serves as a nice introduction to Chris as a presence in my life. I have only a small handful of friends, and you've actually now "met" practically all of them.

Holly is especially precious to me because she is a genius and has the ability to recognize genius (and stupidity) in others. She has been witness to many strange and wonderful things in my life, some of which she probably didn't want to see. We recently had a falling out over Post-Its - But alas, we are friends again. Hooray! This is dedicated to her, because Holly...without m- without YOU, I'm nothing!

I wanted to include this little exchange from "I Heart Huckabees" which goes like this:
"You can't deal with my infinite nature!"
"Yes, I can! Wait...What does that mean?"

What does it mean indeed?

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Holly said...

I am happy to leave the first comment on your blog!

You will be a fabulous blogger.

I will check in often to learn more about your infinite nature, which astonishes, delights and challenges me.