Friday, December 09, 2005

Let There Be Art

About three years ago, I found myself wandering around Michaels without a purpose, when I saw their rather large collection of canvases. I thought: I wonder if I can paint? Having recently seen paintings by Marilyn Manson, I figured I had nothing to lose. I had drawn things before. I was always fond of crayons and colored pencils, too. Maybe I could try my hand at a real, honest to god, ART form. I purchased some canvases and paints and went home to begin my new career. Then it hit me... What would I paint? I had no ideas, so I decided that I would let the canvases tell me. I set up the first one and waited for inspiration to strike.

With the surreal Manson work still fresh in my mind, I went to work on a creepy "Alice in Wonderland" piece. It came out okay, but Alice had no nose. That was a big weak point in my artistic ability. I couldn't do noses, ears, or hands. That could be my signature, I thought. But inspiration was slow. I set up two more canvases on the floor under my television, hoping that I would look down and just see what I was supposed to paint. After many days, many movies and many cigarettes, it came to me. One canvas was to be Jessica Lange, being swept up by the giant hand of Kong from the 1976 version of "King Kong" and the other was to be Jodie Foster as the teenage prostitute Iris from Martin Scorcese's "Taxi Driver." These paintings are among my favorites, even though neither heroine has a nose.

After that I just painted whenever inspiration struck. You can witness the fruits of my efforts at I would love to hear what you think because without you, I'm just me. By the way, I have added noses, ears and hands to my repertoire.

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AQ said...

I think you've got a definite eye for things and have had more than a little success translating it to canvas. For first efforts, they're pretty darn good. Going after a master's style is a great way to start anything. Your first pic is, to me, not over the top but rather wonderful. Hopefully it points to a great life with your art and many trips down rabbit holes. :-)

Oh, and you as Madonna is...just delicious. Thank you.