Friday, December 02, 2005

School "Outing"

You can read about Charlene Nguon vs. the School District here and here.

'A federal judge ruled this week that school districts cannot "out" gay students even if their sexual orientation is known on campus. The ruling paved the way for a discrimination lawsuit by a 17-year-old student to go forward against the Garden Grove Unified School District in California, after Charlene Nguon alleged that officials unfairly disciplined her this year for hugging and kissing her girlfriend on campus. Her punishment? Administrators revealed Nguon's sexual orientation to her mother and temporarily forced the teen to change schools.'

As someone who was forced out of the closet by an institution myself, I sympathize with Charlene's situation. I can't believe, in this modern world, that people are still so freaked out by homosexuality and that this happened in California! What a world we live in...

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