Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Now Casting

Imagine having a dream that you were in a play that you had never rehearsed (or even heard of) and being thrust out onto the stage. That's what my life is like now. I'm just trying to figure out what part I'm supposed to be playing.


Tumuli said...

I feel like this daily. Wish I were the playwright, not the actor. Performing can be painful.

Grieving said...

Do you ever just sit in perfect quiet and ask yourself

What direction should I take?
What am I here for?
What is my purpose?
What is my passion?

In my busy chaotic and restless life I find that some perfectly quiet 'me' time to contemplate these thoughts is the only key to my sanity. No music, no phone calls, no tv, just silence. Let your brain defrag, and things will start to come to you. Hope that helps :) and I wasn't just wasting bits....