Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's Doing?

Hello Mister.
To fully answer your question, Dale, would surely bore you to tears. So, I will provide only the most crucial of the tedious details...

I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona. I am here on business, because who the hell comes to Phoenix for pleasure? Though I did find some old printouts of local craigslist hookers in the hotel room, stashed above the TV with a dirty rag, a spoon and an empty bottle of rum. (I was looking for the Yellow Pages, so you can stop speculating.) I realize now that I work too much and have to take time for myself more often. I am missing several important social engagements this week and will probably have alienated all of my Lost Angels by the time I get back. They must be paid attention and lots of it or they float away.

I ate quite a bit of chocolate cake today and feel like I might implode.

Other than that, I will be back in rare form shortly.
(Short form rarely?)

Jazz from that special hotel,
Saviour O.


Dale said...

Stashed items are definitely worthy of your reportage as long as one of them isn't your livelihood. Hope you're back in time to hang on to the legs of your angels and keep them from flying away. Take photos of the spoon and rag at least.

Tumuli said...

Exactly. But send some of that cake this way -- and a plane ticket out of here.

SlayGirl said...

Come back to us soon SO.