Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sale Away

What's it all about?

I mean, really... I'm talkin' big picture, technicolor, wide-screen enlightenment.

Have you ever had a moment when your whole identity slaps you in the face and you stand there amidst the refridgerators and DVD players crying because you don't know who you are anymore? When you wake up in a stinky motel room in the middle of the desert with a dead rabbit in your bed and two dwarves tied up in bondage gear, trembling in the corner; you know you are an adult.

It's not so easy to forget the past but it's a snap to lose perspective in the present. Speaking of presents, I gotta go do some shopping. Maybe I will get you something useless, like an ego.

1 comment:

AQ said...

Oh, yeah. Not so much the moment I noticed things in the corner, but the moment I noticed that I was able to fit myself into a corner. The day I faced my own mortality square in the face. After the shock, it was the laughter that surprised me most. Now I'm free.

But I still think iBooks are hot. Hee!