Saturday, November 11, 2006


I am not a juggler.

Yet, I find myself juggling many things in my life. My career, my libido, motherhood... The list is endless, kids. And yeah, I may drop a ball or two, now and then, give or take... What's with the flirting anyway? Am I so hot, I burn? What we have here is a dilemma. Not a Court TV size problem, but a problem, nonetheless...

God, I love that word. "Nonetheless..."

David Lynch sat on Hollywood Blvd. next to a cow and a sign that said: "for your consideration: Laura Dern" and I about died. Sure, I will consider her. I'm not in the academy or anything, but I love me some dairy products, so I will SERIOUSLY consider Laura Dern.

Tell me what to do, Heir Director. Give me structure, I crave it. Give me orders and I will follow you to the ends. I need to be nailed so very badly right now.... The only problem is: I can't seem to find an available CROSS.

To each,


Dale said...

I consider Laura Dern to have been occasionally brilliant, especially in Citizen Ruth. I'm not sure if that matters.

Saviour Onassis said...

Of course it matters, dear Daleheart... Dern puts the O in LOL!

She supposedly at the top of her game in Lynch's new weirdfest INLAND EMPIRE, which hits theaters in December...

Can't wait.

And yeah.... Citizen F*cking Ruth!

Dale said...

I hadn't even heard of this so thank you very much Mr. O. David's freaky but when he's on, he's on!