Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Now: A Warning...

Having just come off a great-long-work-jag, Saviour Onassis doesn't quite know what to do with himself. Mulling over the infinite possibilities, he concludes that he will probably devote a great deal of his newfound TIME ON HAND to recording more trashy rock bits for an upcoming album. Perhaps he will paint a portrait of Johnny Depp or Frances Farmer or Salma Hayek... Who knows? Saviour Onassis is a fickle bitch and might even BLOG some, if the mood strikes his fancy. He has been quite upset about Gwen Stefani (again) lately and might have to rip her yet another new asshole for drawing inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer's coked out ganster moll role in Scarface, when she really just looks a lot like Ann Jillian in whore pants.

Consider yourself warned.


Dale said...

Go get her Tiger! I haven't seen the return of the Gwen but the photo seems enough for now. I'm still scarred over Beyonce's 'performance' that opened the American Music Awards. I changed the channel after Carrie Underwood asked Jesus to take the wheel one more time. Ugh.

Saviour Onassis said...

I try my best to avoid popular culture, but it's hard to ignore magazine covers, you know?

Maybe I am wrong, but isn't it a bit of a red flag when new mothers reference cokewhores?

mellowlee said...

Carrie Underwood said what? EW *shudder* I watched a new video by Gwen and damn near died :(
LMAO over Ann Jillian in whore pants. BTW, what has Ann Jillian ever been in? I remember seeing her in my grama's Enquirer and Star mags and wondering who the hell she was!

Saviour Onassis said...

Ann Jillian was in a TV movie about Mae West when I first noticed her in the seventies... Or was it the early eighties? Who knows? She also had a series called "Jennifer Slept Here" about an old movie star ghost & her romance with a modern day dweeb.... It didn't last very long.

Whorepants ROCK!!!!!

Note to Gwen: Stop Yodeling and listen to the sound of your credibilities death rattle!