Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Is How The World Ends

For you music connoisseurs and myspace freaks: I have just posted a brand new song on myspace which you can HEAR if you want. It's called This Is How The World Ends and it was inspired by my recent experiences with the apocalypse, lapses of faith and hatred of love songs. It's pretty cool...

Here are the lyrics, as transcribed by a slave army of meerkats and naturally, mine all mine. As in: Copyright Saviour Onassis 2006 All Rights Reserved and other legal bullshit. You know the drill....

I belong a long way down here
where the song sings sweet and low
winter light has dried your tears
another night and day will be a year

you're lyin when your lips are movin
I'm cryin like I'm in a movie
Shangri-la is lost forever
we search for something special

as far as sacrifices go you're as good as gold
I've been given a lie in the shape of hope
and another hand to tie the rope
before I crash into the rocks and sea
one last thought occurs to me:
we only pray for what we don't believe

yes, I'm an optimist except for the shit I'm in
love doesn't factor in ~– I never learned to swim
baby, I'’m drowning here ~– stuck in a state of fear
there's not enough oxygen ~– I'm goin down again

so this is how the world ends
just like I imagined all along

but the people want a love song
and they want to sing along with it
sometimes they imagine
that it's their own when they're down in it
but I can't write a love song
and I won't explain the reasons why
sometimes I imagine if I fall in love
it would only die...…


SlayGirl said...

Love the lyrics SO. I am in agony here because my connection speed sucks so I can't listen to it. Keep writing lyrics/
producing your music. I'll be the first to buy your CD.

Dale said...

Great lyrics and I like the energy of the song too. And you found a great use for your Jessica! And a new photo! and and and...good going.

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Fucking gorgeous.

Saviour Onassis said...

Thank you, friends! It makes me feel all special inside to know that you are out there....

Alan~ You mean the song, right?