Thursday, September 15, 2005

In Search of Nirvana

Transmission: A4T-7Q5
Received: Calif.NoHol 3:33pm 15.09.05
Source: Vector 9, Omega System, pt. 72-x
Text, as follows:


Space is a grand and lonely place. While the views are spectacular, it is the silence that bewitches me. Mountainous voids of indescribable serenity. One could easily get lost inside the nothingness, a most dangerous proposition, especially on this particular mission.

As you know, we set out almost fifteen years ago, in search of Nirvana. We have come fearfully close on many occasions and I hope we never find it. Oblivion. Bliss. Annihilation of the Soul. Who needs it? Certainly, not I. Since the strange disappearance of our beloved Captain Kurt, we have been under the heavy rule of Commander Love. The irony astounds me. She has guided our vessel into more blackholes than one ever thought existed. Now it seems, we are lost. Floating in space. She has locked herself away again and the crew is beginning to question her authority.

Recently, CL proclaimed herself the "center of the universe" and then flopped around on the floor, growling and managing to, somehow, free herself from her panties. The crew was shocked, it took almost seven hours before anyone was able to form a thought. That's when I decided to intercept this satellite feed, connected to a "blog" on earth. Since the Commander has cut off all forms of communication with ground control, this may be our only hope. We are desperate with desire and in no way capable of attaining Nirvana. Please, guide us back to Earth, back to sanity and soon. I fear time is running out. It may be<

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