Sunday, September 04, 2005

Must Marry Mortals

Chief Justice William Rehnquist is dead. Normally, I would not find this news worthy of mentioning. But I was curious about those gold stripes he had on his robe, so I did a little research.

In 1882, Gilbert and Sullivan staged on operetta called "Iolanthe, or the Peer and the Peri", I am assuming Judge Rehnquist was there at the time. Iolanthe is all about fairies. In this story there is also a judge, a Lord Chancellor, who decrees that fairies must marry mortals. Interesting...

Now, Willie is so impressed with this Lord Chancellor (and his costume) that he has his Supreme Court robe altered to resemble the character. This is a man in one of the most powerful positions in the country. Just a little food for thought. The hoopla surrounding "gay marriage" in the nation seems completely retarded to me. There are much bigger issues to freak out about than whether Adam and Steve should get a tax break. As a fairy myself, I have no marriage plans as of yet, but I would like my options left open. What mythical creature doesn't? The way things are right now, it seems I live in a land where I am forced to settle on mortal marriage. No, thank you.

I have never been much of a role model in the relationship department and that suits me just fine. Romantic entanglements are just that - Entanglements. They interrupt my energetic flow in ways that I can't seem to control and I am better off without them. Because of the various complications and intricacies within my being, anyone wishing to woo me would have to possess magical powers and a mere mortal, I am afraid, would not be up to the challenge. Don't get me wrong, at times, I do crave the affections of another but I am aware that those feelings are transitory. What I do not have, I do not need.

For instance, I do not have to symbolically alter my official uniform.
I do not have to listen to judgments from persons who are insane.
And I do not have compassion for those who choose ignorance.

It is not bliss, and I don't need it.

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