Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maybe This Time

I feel like the weekend needs a anthem:

I was upset to learn that the creature I had come to know as the neighborhood cat, a creature whom I would find in my apartment occasionally, something that I went out of my way to pet and be kind to, a creature I believed was the neighbor's cat... was actually a skunk. A wild, probably rabid, fucking skunk. I find that incredibly sad and confusing. I miss that creature.

The future looks bright, though not so much that I need shades or anything. I just have the sugary aftertaste of optimism on my tongue. Did you happen to catch my other Fosse moment? Yes, it's a weird world that's wild on top. But I like it.

I'm processing a lot of emotions right now. The man in the moon smiled at me tonight and that makes it so much easier to let things die. No expectations, no disappointments, right?

Tonight you all look good to me.

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