Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ain't Too Proud

Well, it's GAY PRIDE weekend here in LA and I'm just not feeling it.

My roommate is out of town and after the horrifying experience we had last year, I think it best that I stay home. I've been in quite a bit of pain recently, both emotionally and physically. The physical pain is easily identified as a result of working out far too vigorously in an attempt to block out the emotional pain. Damn that gym membership! Soon, though, I expect to be fully buff, beautiful and exceptionally miserably alone.... Oh, life.

Last night I locked myself up at home and watched The Night Porter, which is creepy. Though I do love Dirk Bogarde. If I had a "type", he would definitely be it. I've always had a thing for guys like Dirk Bogarde, Oliver Reed, and Glenn Ford. I need a rugged, yet sensitive, leading man type. I recently had a horrifying revelation about the archetypal pattern I am reliving in my love life. More on that soon, I promise. For now, I just want to not end up like Charlotte Rampling in TNP, because no Dirk is worth that.

Easy way out, anyone?

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