Sunday, June 24, 2007


Having celebrated yet another milestone upon the road of life, and astonished at the tenacity my existence tends to show, I have resolutions to declare.

Therefore upon this day, I resolve to become iconoclastic in every aspect of my life. Will it matter if my coital activities match my decor? I think not. I've never been drawn to the "easy-to-assemble" lifestyle, opting inside for sculpture and color. I requite no one and need nothing.

Fairly, I go into the future with a skeptical heart. I plan to open it again, I do. When you offer love and it is refused, what is one to do? Box it up and bury it in the ground? Or dust yourself off and continue to dance to the beat of your own drum? I pound the pavement. I pound the flesh. I pretend to care and lift my dress.

Action taken becomes the accusation: Drama Queen... Yes, the list is very long now. Maintenance is always an issue once you've removed the hateful tissue. Cut and Paste. Growth and Denial. It's all very boring, I know. But it's all I have these days. My dreams were always too vague. The spells I cast don't always serve me. Reality is a bitter friend.

Don't get me wrong... I'm feeling stronger than before and I know that from these ashes, I will rise. I always do. Months from now, you won't recognize me and that's a good thing. I am born again. I am alive. Let's get it on...

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