Thursday, June 01, 2006

All This Time, We Could Have Been Friends?

I'm in the strangest mood. I feel like I could fall in love at the drop of a hat. I saw Neil Patrick Harris on TV and thought: "Why did I ever break up with him?" We were never together, but my desire for reconciliation was almost unbearable. I'm not talking about lust here, people. I speak of LOVE! True instantaneous enamoration! I fell in love almost everywhere I went today. Even the Laundromat seemed to have a romantic feel this afternoon.

Maybe it's that I am getting older and my "nesting" instincts are kicking in... Like the gay guys version of a biological clock. I may only have a few more years of cuteness left before I turn "old school." I have a desperate need that I tried to fill by shopping. Yesterday I spent about three hundred dollars on all makes and models: new bedsheets, dishes, herbal colon cleansers, a tower fan. On the other hand, the teenager-I-never-was wanted: video games, DVD's and a carton of cigarettes.

To my credit, I did get the double-disc special edition of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and came to the conclusion that I am not Bette Davis, though I get that comparison a lot. I see the battle of the Hudson Sisters going on in my own head. Lately, Blanche has been moping about, feeling sorry for herself. I think it's time to let Jane out to play or, at least, let her kill something and serve it up on a silver tray.

The birds in my neighborhood are going crazy with the singing, especially at night. It sort of sets a "love is in the air" mood, but with the "bird flu" and all... Let's just say, death is in the air and it sounds beautiful. To quote Michael Stipe: "Oh no! I've said too much! I set it up."


Dale said...

You broke up with him when he had to move to NYC to play The Emcee in Cabaret didn't you? But you shouldn't have. It was a limited engagement. Like everything else.

Saviour Onassis said...