Friday, June 30, 2006

Meet Wolfgang

JR (aka The Delusioneer) recently adopted a virtual pet, a hedgehog named Pookie. He's really cute and seems like the perfect pet for JR. I have wanted a pet for a long time, but simply don't have room for one. Or the time to invest. Or the money. And I don't like walking or feeding them much either. So, I decided to follow the link provided and see what other virtual pets were up for adoption.

I was really tempted by this crazy spider who spins a web and just waits. But then I saw this lone wolf and I just knew. It really was love at first sight. I named him Wolfgang, after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (a role I played in college theater). So, I brought him home and we've both been happy as clams ever since. I can let him roam around here in cyberspace and know that he can take care of himself. He's an independent spirit and probably the closest thing I have to a soulmate.

Say hello, Wolfgang!
(He is kind of shy around strangers, but he'll sniff you out and play with you if you're cool. Please don't feed him too much steak. Thank you.)

adopt your own virtual pet!


ziggystardust73 said...

I want one! I only have a chav... :-(

Dale said...

I fed him but I'm not changing him. Now I know what the 'more' button is for.

Saviour Onassis said...

Thanks, Dale. he gets a little moody when he don't eat.

I hope he didn't growl at you. He scared Holly away!

Dale said...

It wasn't a growl really, more of a loud purr. I am bleeding though, is that normal?

Mike said...

I've found having a pet(s) is one of the most rewarding things about my life. I have two amazing Shiba Inus and it's true what they say about the unconditional love of dogs. They'll care for you when no one else will. They don't expect you to be something you're not. They respect and admire you for all that you are-- even when no one else will. OK so maybe all they really want is a treat-- but hey at least they can't talk and tell you know that. You're free to believe whatever you want about your relationship-- and they're the best snugglers around. Hope you enjoy Wolfgang as much as I love
Akio and Buffy!

Saviour Onassis said...

The unconditional love of an animal is truly a great thing. Truly.

mellowlee said...

OMG that is so bloody cute! :) I want one