Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meet Me In Malibu

It was a grueling week at work. JR is working "under" me and I can say that living and working with someone is not something I find particularly rewarding. There is no one to bitch to about your home OR work life. We won't be doing this again anytime soon, if we can help it. We've been prepping a commercial for Country Crack, or Country Cock as JR likes to say. If you close your eyes and remove your taste buds, it's almost just like butter. We spread some into the groove on our squeaky sliding glass door and now it's quiet as a mouse. Another week of this and we'll be free.

So, the cable guy shows up this morning and surveys the hookups. He goes downstairs for I while, and I just kept unpacking. When he returns, he informs us that the cable was already on. "You could have been watching TV all week for free." That sucked, but was of secondary importance, as what we really need to live normal lives again, is the INTERNET! He set it up within minutes and was gone. Finally, JR and I could retreat to our respective rooms and socialize with people we don't actually have to live or work with. Whoopee!

First thing, I checked my email. There was a variety of junk, work related garbage and myspace friend requests. (I love those and add almost everybody.) Then I opened the following message:

i travld 2 th beli o th wale & lokd 4 yor efolushen. no luk. almos fukd a sqid & met a cool mermad. ar yu don movn yt? i thnk im redi 2 cum hom. meet me in malibu 2moro, k?
luv mitch

After my initial shock and confusion, I kicked my unpacking into high gear, not once questioning how Mitchell was able to email me from his current incarnation as a dolphin. I just knew that as soon as I had the place back to normal, he would return. His old apartment had been condemned, because of a "rotten body" incident and apparently, someone saw Abercrombie picked up by the Dog Catcher over on Highland Avenue. It's just as well, because there is plenty of room in my new bed. I'm excited to see Mitch again. I wonder if he will recognize me?

Mitch may not have had much luck finding my evolution in the belly of a whale, but I am pretty sure I know exactly where to find it myself.


SlayGirl said...

I am so glad Mitch is coming home. I have missed him (and I missed you while you were moving).

Bored Dominatrix said...

Finally, JR and I could retreat to our respective rooms and socialize with people we don't actually have to live or work with. Whoopee!

I love the internet--it lets you lead a solitary life that is almost like having friends.

Glad you're connected again.

mellowlee said...

WOOOOOOOT!!!!! I hope you are having a magnificent weekend adventure! *MWAH!!!!*

Dale said...

I'm with BD on both points. Welcome home and let Mitch know that from his typing I got a Jamaican vibe there for a minute.

Saviour Onassis said...

It's actually overcast and gloomy in LA today. Flash flood warnings up and down the coast and lightning striking all around. Mitch would pick today....