Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wish I Was Ocean Size

There is nothing quite like playing in the ocean to give you some desperately needed perspective. All the little things you worry about on a daily basis seem to vanish when confronted by the awesome body of water, tossing your ass around like a ragdoll. Like I said, JR and I celebrated Independence Day in Malibu, chillin' with the fishes. At first, the water was as cold as Loni Andersons career. But we got used to it.

The waves were small and harmless, or so we thought. At one point, we noticed everyone running for the shore. My first thought was A Shark! Then, one second later, I was unable to think about anything. A really big wave gobbled us up and spit us out onto the beach. It lasted only seconds, but it felt like an eternity. My mind kept repeating: Go with it! As if I had a choice. We crashed onto the sand and found ourselves the object of much pointing and laughter. A few yards away stood four young latino men, smiling and laughing at what they had just witnessed. We just smiled back and laughed at ourselves. Then, to my surprise, they ran towards the water, not wanting to be left out of the next round. We all played in the waves together, the ocean treated us all the same. It did not care if we were young or old, fat or thin, black or white, straight or gay. Mama Pacific is an equal opportunity destroyer.

We lasted a few more rounds. Then rested on the sand to recuperate from our wounds. JR got a sizable welt across his back and we were both bleeding from tiny rock cuts. That didn't stop us from going back in several times for more. As we left to go to dinner, I was practically in tears and JR was laughing wildly.

"You'll have a much greater respect for me once you hit thirty-five," I told him. Moments later, I was the one giggling like a schoolgirl while JR turned stony silent as the day finally caught up. To me, it felt like an emotional reset button, a way of zeroing out everything else. I needed the endorphins, I guess. It's not too often that I find myself in a good, old-fashioned life-or-death situation. Entangled in a wave, unable to do anything but ride it out: priceless.

I'm still digging sand out of places it's too horrible to describe. But, oh! The joy of being alive...


Carm said...

I'm glad you had fun. It is good to be alive!

mellowlee said...

*laughing* What a great story, what a great day! I need some spontaneous fun!
You made me realize that I live minutes from the ocean, and never take advantage of it. Maybe that should change. I'm in dire need of an endorphin rush

so long and thanks for all the fish

Jason Ray (AKA The Delusioneer) said...

i just have one thing to add Mr. S.O. there was nothing more thrilling than seeing your feet pointing towards the sky in the white water rumble of the ocean tide. that look on your face when you got up, sand pouring out of every orifice... its times like those when you realize what life is all about... laughing at others misfortunes... unfortunately i got mine moments later after S.O. decided he had had enough... the rocks and sand falling out of my pants took me back to the days of a cheap roll in the hay back on the farm... Just kidding. but funny nonetheless. but yeah, all in all some of the best fun i have had in a long time. see you on the flip S.O.

Saviour Onassis said...

I guess the best part was when I went to use the restroom at the restaurant and left a sand dune in there. I must have passed a kidney stone because a sizable rock come out of my underwear!

Oh, Life! It's bigger... Bigger than you...

I lost more than my religion that day.