Tuesday, July 04, 2006

7/4 Shoreline

Ever since the horrible Identity Theft situation, I can't get Mitch to stop Googling himself. He'll sit at my computer and Google himself all day if I let him. Eventually, the tension built up so much that I was forced to Google Mitch myself. During which, JR called and invited us to a "biker bar" out in Malibu for some fish and chips by the sea, a place called "Neptune's Net." I had never been and jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house. JR agreed to pick us up, and Mitch and I quickly dressed for lunch. I chose to wear jeans and a vintage Playboy tee-shirt, while Mitch went for a more traditional "biker" look, which consisted of leather boots, tight black pants and a sleeveless shirt that said: Live Fast! Die Young! We were more than a little surprised when JR showed up looking like Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2. He had chosen a pale pink blouse, khakis and flip flops.

"I thought you said it was a biker bar?" I asked. JR just shrugged. So, the three of us headed out to Malibu, via the canyon and listened to tunes and sang and had a gay old time. When we arrived, I saw that it was indeed a true "biker" hangout, as there were about one hundred choppers, Harleys and the like, scattered across the parking lot. It being a holiday weekend, the place was packed. We stood in line, where I was made even more uncomfortable by a child who was constantly bumping into my ass. I would have said something but I didn't want to draw any more attention to us. I was still feeling vunerable about being called a "fucking faggot" the day before. I felt naked and almost sure that we looked as though we stepped out of the pages of Butt Pirate Magazine. Not to mention the fact that there were shirtless surfers all over the place, and bikers, and other types I seem to find extremely attractive, so I was on high alert. My first love was a biker and I have always considered them good luck. Anyway....

We order our food and take our pints out to the patio to find a seat. It was banquet style seating and when someone got up to leave, we quickly sat down across from a family. They were: Biker dad, hippie mom and a small kid, who looked remarkably like the child in a movie I had recently seen and that really freaked me out. He just stared at us, listening to every word we said. I tried to keep the conversation to a minimum, but Mitch and JR were oblivious, going on and on about lesbians and saying fuck and just about everything else I wouldn't want my nephews to hear. JR struck up a conversation with Biker Dad, while the kid and I took turns trying to kill a fly. I have to hand it to JR, though, he is truly fearless. I think that why I like him so much. He forces me to do things that challenge my comfort levels and for that I am truly grateful. In fact, my very first post was inspired by him.

After gorging ourselves on fish and chips and beer, we crossed the highway to stare at the ocean. It was a beautiful day and we sat and smoked and talked about life and the future. It was really inspiring. Eventually, the water worked it's spell on us and we made our way down to the rocky beach. JR headed towards the sand, where everyone was hanging out, but I insisted that we take "the road less travelled" and go north into the rocks. We found a spot that was almost completely secluded and made camp. I made little rock sculptures and watched as JR and Mitch had a rock skipping competition. It wasn't long before this descended into a rock smashing affair and I was afraid that a piece would ricochet back to clobber one of us in the head. We had a brief debate about the laws of physics, and then decided that we should stand on the slippery rocks and see how long it would take Posideon to notice us. I figured the God of the Sea was pretty pissed about all the rocks JR had thrown back into the sea. JR said that he was just "returning them to where they came from" but I argued that the sea had spit them out for a reason. As predicted, Posideon soaked us rather thoroughly. It was fun. We watched the surfers for a long time and then a school of dolphins swam by. I commented on how beautiful they were.

"That's what we evolve into," said JR, matter-of-factly. I just nodded and watched as Mitch walked away from me into the sea. We all have to evolve sometime. I just wasn't expecting my imaginary friend to leave me right then. Mitch swam out to the dolphins and disappeared. A moment later, a majestic creature sprung from the ocean for a brief goodbye. And as quickly as he had appeared, Mitch was gone.

We drove home, listening to Broken Social Scene. We didn't say much about what happened, just listened to the lyrics.

It's a shoreline
And it's half speed
It's a cruel world and
And it's time

And you're walking away
But where to go to?
And you're walking alone,
But how to get through?
If you wanna get it right
You can own what you choose
But you wanna live a lie
And love what you lose

It's a shoreline
And it's half speed
It's a cruel world and
It's time

While you're walking away
And I'm trying to get through
But you've gotta know their lies
From the lies they've told you
If you try to do it up
It all will leave you
If you try to steal the beat
The beat will steal you

I'll miss you Mitch. Come back someday? Okay?
I love you.


ziggystardust73 said...

Sorry to hear about Mitch's sudden evolution (but pleased for Mitch).

After all, don't we all want that moment when we can evolve in to something more than what we already are?

Saviour, I'm fast becoming addicted to your writing...

Bored Dominatrix said...

I'll miss Mitch too. I really hope he doesn't stay gone for too long.

Saviour Onassis said...

Thank you, Ziggy. You say you want an evolution? Well, you know... We all want to change the world, one imagination at a time.

Thanks, BD.

Mike said...

well your day sounds simply fantastic-- HOWEVER, it surely can't beat mine, which included ( but is in no way limited to) a trip to Will Roger's beach, a drag show benefit for the WEHO men's water polo team, a random booty call, dinner with some pals from work AND...as if all that wasn't enough....skinny dipping at 2:00 am in the Chateau Marmont pool with a lesbian who really does have "saggy tits". THIS is why we live in LA.

mellowlee said...

Aw, and I was just getting to know Mitch too. I love your writing Sav, I hope you keep this blog going for a long time

Saviour Onassis said...

Mike- Yes, LA does lend itself to crazy nights. I have a severe allergy to some of the things you did that night, but whatever works for you.

Mellowlee- Don't worry. Mitch is only one of my muses, he'll be back when I need him. I think he just abandoned me to accomodate the "mercury retrograde." I am sure he won't want to be a dolphin forever...

Dale said...

A brilliant post as usual Monsieur. Bye for now Mitch.